Your plans to grow your business’s revenue will need you to think about your marketing strategy. Now that you have already set up your website, the PayPal account and your product, it is crucial that you get traffic flowing to your site. This traffic needs to be converted to viable customers. There is no doubt that ecommerce marketing has its own fair share of challenges, however, the strategies listed below will allow you to take your ecommerce business to the next level.

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Pay per click

Depending on the kind of product you intend to market, pay per click can be a good marketing option to settle for. It is among the fastest forms used in marketing ecommerce businesses, however it can be expensive. In order to gain control of the value of pay per click, verify that the traffic gets to the relevant website, hence this will allow you to access contact information for marketing purposes.

Target a specific online audience

When it comes to ecommerce, you need to establish a territory. This can be done by simply designing and defining a website for the purpose of reaching an audience that has similar characteristics and interests. Regardless of the kind of service or product you have, getting to define your firm’s niche market will allow you to penetrate into the market.

Optimize the site

Among the first steps you need to take when it comes to online marketing should be optimizing your ecommerce website, hence ease of use. This starts with ensuring that the load-times of your page is quicker. If deemed fit, you may see the need to clear the issues concerning navigation, themes, modules, images and caching.

From this point, you may see it fit to make your website search engine friendly. This will require weaving keywords through metadata and content. If you are not certain of the kind of keywords to use, you can consider giving Google Keyword Planner a try.

Incentivize your customers

Consider purchasing incentives such as discounted items or free shipping in large bundles, as they will give you an edge over the competitors, in turn it will end up increasing conversion. Free shipping and discounted bonuses are among the things that will assist you average the order value grow.

Email campaigns

Newsletters and email blasts happen to be an appropriate way of spreading the word about company news, promotions and sales. Most of the hosted ecommerce providers give e-mail marketing capabilities that are within their solutions.

For the providers who don’t have hosted ecommerce platforms, there are other ecommerce solutions that may assist create the campaigns for email marketing with the help of customer database. Such campaigns can be accompanied with other marketing forms for the purpose of providing a valuable opportunity of sharing information with the prospects, while at the same time nurturing the existing relationship with their already established customers.

Customer reviews

Not all kind of products have the ability to make a sale for themselves, but positive customer reviews have the capacity to help them create a conversion. More than half of customers get information concerning a product from reading reviews. This means that reviews play a significant role in boosting the sales of a product. In addition, reviews are good for SEO that has unique content which uses the product name that appears on your website.

Blog regularly

Coming up with creative and unique quality content on a consistent basis will ensure that your site gets recognized and features in Google’s search result pages, hence building credibility among the potential clients. Consistent quality content also builds traffic and ensures the engagement level increases, which in turn can be used to drive clients and visitors to the ecommerce online store.

Public relations

Sharing information concerning your business is considered as a cost-effective strategy when it comes to marketing your e-business. You can even generate and publish press release on news wires. Though, there is more to public relations than the press releases. You can as well consider reaching out to magazine publishers, journal and newspaper editors for the purpose of sharing your business’s story. You only need a single story to be run by a national news outlet for you to get many customers to your site.


For you to be effective in your marketing strategy, you will need to exercise a high level of commitment and invest a large chunk of your money. If at all want your sales to shoot up, you will need to invest in launching the new campaign in order to improve on your site. You may require a considerable amount of money for a start especially that which will allow the business to get on its feet and operate efficiently. There are quite a number of lending options you may consider settling for i.e. banks, credit card or even family.


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