Selling Products Online

Tips for Selling Products Online


Many of us are obsessed with making money through online sales. Whether you are using eBay, selling, posting on a local classified site or using a Craigslist, you should be determined to capture attention with the highest probability of translating to a valuable transaction. If you are selling something online, there are tips that can help you develop a more effective online ad. These tips are:

Develop a product page layout

Do not fear to have too much information about a particular product on the same page. Format your work clearly with headings and subheadings and insert buy buttons at prominent spots as the page develops. Remember, you are answering your customer’s objections as to why they should not purchase the product, so the more precise information you give, the better.

Include a clear image of the product that you are selling. Potential buyers should be in a position to tell what the product looks like and its particular condition. An ad with a blurry or no image at all will be ineffective. Remember you are dealing with a broad range of customers most of whom have never seen the item again. As such, precise and accurate representation is paramount. It is ideal to have multiple pictures from various angles.

Do not distract

Consider your product page as a giant funnel, where you pour customers at the top and expect them out through your payment page at the bottom. Every time you create or introduce a distraction, you develop a hole in that funnel. There are varieties of issues that you may think are good but which may end up reducing the total sales by creating distractions. When making the effort to transform your potential customers to sales, keep these distractions minimal.

Be specific

Provide a clear description of the item. Be very particular about the dimensions and other features. If you are selling jewellery, describe its various features, including the clarity of the gemstone or the gold’s karat weight. When selling other products, you should be in a position to describe them as new, light wear, or unopened with some other designations. Pay close attention to specifics so that potential customers can figure out whether it meets their needs or not. Look at the descriptions on the various favourable postings to have a glimpse of what they entail.

Get the right price

Before posting any item, conduct some background research. Find what similar items with more or less similar conditions are going for. Once you get the price range, it is advisable to place the price somewhere between the highest and the lowest depending on the mark-up that you want. If you want the product to move fast, align the price towards the lowest end.

For e-commerce sites like eBay, they have software that gets comparable items and gives various ideas for pricing. In my experience, the number is always very low. If you set a high price, you may not get any bids. You can use the eBay advanced search to get how items similar to yours have sold and the current auctioning price. 

Pay close attention to the pricing policy. Consider creating pairs of similar items and offering discounts to your clients. In some circumstances, you will excel more when selling a set rather than splitting it up. This, however, does not bar you from selling the set separately. To make a sale, you need to be more flexible and open to negotiations.

Understand what you are not legally allowed to sell

Various online marketplaces have different regulations and guidelines on what can or cannot be sold on those sites. The restrictions vary from one state to the other, but you cannot sell some electronics like jammers and radars, and some weaponry. Read widely on these restrictions to avoid being blocked or having your listing pulled down.

Respond quickly

On many sites, the old listings are pushed to the bottom of the site. Thus, after some few days, your listing may not be easily accessed. Instead of waiting for two weeks or one month for the listing to finish, go ahead and make a different posting after some few days. If you are in an auction site, make the length of your action between four to seven days. Reposting will help you create new interest in the item. Additionally, before making the repost, think of the various possibilities that made your item not to sell. Tweak the initial posting to see whether sales can be made by using better images, different wordings or a better price.

When selling on eBay, potential clients may ask you different questions. You need to give a clear and timely reply to get a good rating and increase the bids. When selling on craigslist or on the local classified eCommerce sites, a fast response is paramount, especially when in a fierce competition with other suppliers. If you have a slow response rate, the buyer may purchase the same item from your competitor.


You should dedicate your time and resources towards making a sale. To do so, apply the above-discussed tips. If the item does not sell, reduce the price and place an offer again.