One of the most frequent question is, what tools do I need to create an online e-commerce store? This concern is legitimate bearing in mind that the process of building an online e-commerce store can be a hard task. The process of creating an eCommerce store can be tedious and complicated. This fact is particularly the case if you do not have the technical skills of web development. The number of elements that one needs to keep in check is so many for one person to keep track. In this regard and having that not all people have the technical skills to build an online eCommerce website from scratch, this article will look at the top five tools that you will need to create an online eCommerce store. These devices are selected from the best and therefore you can rest assured that the site you create will be both professional and appealing.

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  1. Shopify

This tool is without a doubt one of the best e-commerce site builders in the industry at the moment. It is very comfortable to the user to navigate around and produce an excellent product. The templates that are availed on the site are designed professionally. This tool also offers a 24/7 support. Another cool thing about this eCommerce tool is that its App store contains a wide selection of advanced tools which can be used in case a person wants to get more out of the online store even as the business grows. Some of the apps in the store are free whereas some are paid for but still worth the investment. It is of importance to note that these advanced tools are just an addition of the essential tools that are provided on the core platform of Shopify. The advanced tools are meant to improve the online store flexibility. The topping is that you can integrate up to 70 payment gateways on this platform.

  1. BigCommerce

This tool is one of the direct competitors against Shopify, and they offer more tools compared to Shopify. The tools provided are very comprehensive. It complements where Shopify falls short. The templates that are available on this online store tool are professional and are sure to make your online store more functional. In case you need to tweak the online eCommerce website, you may make use of your custom design and do not worry if you are not familiar with web development as this tool provides experts to help you with this. In the case of future growth of the online store, this tool will be able to adapt and give you more functionality. Finally, you get easy integration to over 60 payment gateways, which are a plus.

  1. Wix e-commerce

This tool is a simple drag and drop online commerce site builder. The meaning of this is that this tool allows the user to insert any element anywhere they deem fit. These factors include images, text, and descriptions. The difference of this device from others is that it does not offer many advanced tools as the rest, but in case you are not looking to build a complex site, this is the tool for you. Although this tool is not as developed as the rest, it still enables building of professional online e-commerce sites that are both appealing and functional. One is also able to integrate with a variety of payment gateways such as PayPal and

  1. Weebly eCommerce

This online e-commerce building tool is similar to Wix in that it does not offer resources that are very complicated. However, this device remains to be one of the easiest to use and can be a very helpful tool for beginners and those with limited technical knowledge. It has an easy to use drag and drop feature that allows people to learn as their site grows. As mentioned, it does not offer many advanced tools but in case you are looking to create a simple yet elegant online commerce website, then this tool is for you. It will enable you to create a professional website eCommerce store fast and easily. You are also able to integrate with a variety of payment gateways.

  1. Squarespace

If your aim is to run a simple online eCommerce storefront, then Squarespace is one of the best bets in the market. Although it does not provide a broad range of features, it still offers the core functionality elegantly and professionally. One cool additional is the ability to sell digital and physical product on the storefront. This tool gives the owner full control over the various aspects of the site such as shipping cost configuration, inventory management, sales tax, customer emailing and so on. All these are essential in fostering growth. The templates provided are professional, and one can build their own or hire an expert to do so. In conclusion, this is an active site for those with a limited budget but willing to grow.


Online e-commerce site building can be a hard task. However, the above-listed tools are continuing to provide unprecedented levels of flexibility and help to those that are willing to learn. The tools have gained a huge customer base for their usability and functionality. It is also important to note that the tools listed cater for both the advanced and beginner site builders.

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